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Inner Club

Great things happening for The Inner Club this year. Our tournament schedule is now out.


        We are pleased to announce the schedule of tournaments for this season for golfers with handicaps. These tournaments are open to anyone, men, women, girls and boys, who has a current MGA handicap. If you do not currently have a handicap you can obtain one by visiting the www.sterlinggolf.com website. For each team tournament you can choose your own foursome or partner, or we can pair you with a group. All tournaments will be played starting at 8:00 on either Saturday, Sunday or holiday mornings, and lunch following play is included in the $20 entry fee. Every tournament will offer pro shop credits for tournament winners and several runners-up and for closest to the pin winners, good for merchandise, greens fees and cart fees. Come out and enjoy the friendly competition!

April 20 – Bramble – 80% handicap – 4 person teams – the better two net balls on each hole are
recorded. All players hit tee shots, choose the best tee shot, and all play their own ball to the hole
from there.

May 19 – Stableford – Full handicap – Individual event – Points are earned as follows: net
bogey = 1 point, net par = 2 points, net birdie = 3 points, net eagle = 4 points, hole in one or 3
under par = 5 points.

June 8 – Tombstone – 80% handicap – Play your own ball until you have taken 70 shots plus
your number of handicap strokes. Then place your “tombstone” where your last shot landed. The
player closest to the 18th hole after taking the last shot, or the player with the most shots left after
18 holes, will be the winner.

June 30 – Member/Guest & Member/Member – 80% handicap – 2 person teams – the better
net ball on each hole is recorded.

August 3-4 – Saturday & Sunday – Club Championship – 2 day event – with the following
flights (Women may play in all flights):
– Championship Flight – 36 hole gross score, no handicaps
– Women’s Championship Flight – 18 hole gross score, no handicaps (August 3)
– Commonwealth Flight – 80% handicap – 18 hole net score (August 3)

August 24 – Summerfest – 80% handicap – 4 person teams – record the best net ball on holes 1-
6; the two best balls on holes 7-11; the three best balls on holes 12-15; and all four balls on holes

September 22 – Member/Guest & Member/Member – 80% handicap – 2 person teams – the
better net ball on each hole is recorded.

October 19 – Beef Stew – 80% handicap – 4 person teams – the 2 best net scores on each hole
are recorded – Buddy’s famous beef stew for lunch.

To sign-up for any of these inner club tournaments, please sign-up online at: