The completely renovated snack bar at Newton Commonwealth Golf Course offers a varied menu from a quick hot dog or sandwich at the turn; hamburgers, grilled chicken, salads, fries, and chicken tenders when you have time to sit down; or a full “Luncheon Buffet” or “Texas Barbecue” when you are hosting a special outing or event. Our food and beverage manager, Joe Alexander, would be happy to help you plan the menu for your next affair. Just give him a call.

The next time you plan to play a round, stop by our snack bar and check it out. And, if the weather is nice, you can enjoy your meal on our outside patio overlooking the 18th hole. Interested guests may also see our  Newton Commonwealth Outing Menu.


Grilled Cheese $5.00
Egg Salad $5.00
Tuna Salad $5.00
Turkey $5.00
Ham & Cheese $5.00
Chicken Salad $5.50
Quarter-Pound Hot Dog $4.00
Half-Pound Beef Hot Dog $3.85
Hamburger/Cheese $5.00
Fish Sandwich $5.50

Breakfast (Until 11:30AM)

Donut $1.25
Muffin $2.25
Bagel $2.75
Eggo Muffin: (cheese/meat) $3.75
Two Egg Breakfast with:
Potatoes & Toast $5.00
French Toast $5.00
Cheese Omelet $5.00
Eggo Muffin: (cheese/meat) $3.75


Ham/Bacon/Sausage $3.25
Candy $1.25
Chips & Crackers $1.25
Assorted Ice Creams $2.25
Sunday Cups $2.75


Fountain Soda (12oz) $2.00
Fountain Soda (22oz) $2.25
Orange Juice $2.00
Milk/Choc Milk $2.00
Bottled Drinks $2.50

Hot Drinks

Chocolate $1.50
Tea $1.50
Coffee (12oz) $1.50
Iced Coffee (16oz) $1.85
Iced Coffee (20oz) $2.40

Beer & Wine

Domestic $3.50
Premium $4.25
Wine $4.50